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The Temperamentals by Jon Marans

" almost relentlessly charming, the joy and playful banter as they meet almost recalls the coming together of a superhero team or the assembling of a team for a heist movie. Bob Hull (Schwarmberger) is a delight, a burst of anarchic energy..." Richard Sanford, columbusundrground

"...Bob ( Schwamberger) addition.... play multiple supporting roles, both men and women....rise to the multitasking occasion." Richard Ades, columbus theatre

​"...Schwamberger as Bob Hull, Chuck’s former lover and current housemate, and their banter back and forth is humorous and all too genuine as anyone who knows any long term couple – gay or straight – ....and how wonderful that this play exists to shed some light on this obscure piece of gay history from the not-so-distant past."

Chuck Pennington, lifefullofcheese

Sordid Lives by Del Shores

"However, the production doesn’t really hit its peak until after intermission. That’s when we finally meet the much-discussed Brother Boy... Schwamberger is a revelation as the long-institutionalized patient, who gamely puts up with Bolinger’s attempts to “de-homosexualize” him in hopes he’ll finally be allowed to go home. His portrayal is both hilarious and touching."Richard Ades, columbus theatre

"...everything about this production is sparkling, funny, and true...Schwamberger brought genuine tears to my eyes."  Richard Sanford, columbusunderground

What they said about Mark Phillips:

Mark Phillips Schwamberger

NEWS FLASH...Mark Phillips Schwamberger named as best cross-dressing performance in 2015! 

What they said about

How I Stepped Out as a Transvestite from Blunderland

"...the only “blunders” that occur will be at the hands of those who chose to skip this meaningful, and wonderfully engaging, new work." Erin Crenshaw, socialcolumbus, 2013  

"The storyline is the life of one man, yet the story transcends that man to become a history of the LGBTQ struggle for rights and recognition. Never has such a summary of our common struggle been exhibited so clearly." Ric Reily, 2014

Coming up in 2015


Evolution Theatre Company in Columbus, Ohio 

In July Mark will be performing the role of Bob Hull in the area premier of:
The Temperamentals  By Jon Marans 
“Temperamentals” was a code word for homosexuals in the early 1950s, part of a created language of secret words that gay
men used to communicate. The Temperaments tells the story of two men - the communist Harry Hay and the Viennese refugee and designer Rudi Gernreich - as they fall in love while building the first gay rights organization, along with Chuck Rowland, Bob Hull, and Dale Jennings, in the pre-Stonewall United States. It is a true story. The production is lovingly dedicated to the memory Barbara Sokol.

Then in Septemberl Mark will be performing one of his "bucket-list roles" the role of Brother Boy in the production of the cult classic comedy:
Sordid Lives By Del Shores 
This comedy was nominated for over thirty awards during its long run in Los Angeles. Sordid Lives puts a comedic twist on a story of unconditional love, acceptance and "coming out" in a Texas family, as they all converge for the matriarch's funeral. Their lives intertwine, giving each a new perspective, honesty, and meaning.

And more to come that is still in the planning stage!